downtown olympia office rental questions
Common questions about renting a space, deposits, and parking options in the Security Building downtown Olympia.
1.  When can I see available properties in the Security or White Building?

Contact the building manager to set up an appointment to see all our available properties.

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2.  What utilities or services are included in my lease?

We provide heat, electric and basic phone/internet service to each office. We have Comcast and Century Link capabilities. There is no provided WiFi for the buildings. The phone/internet is your choice and paid by you. We also provide janitorial service including garbage and recycling 5 nights a week and weekly vacuuming of the main traffic areas of your office.


3.  Is there an application I need to fill out?

If your rental rate is more that $250 a month we will process a credit check paid for by us.


4.  What are the lease terms and what will my deposit be?

We prefer a one year lease. The deposit is equal to one months rent.  There is a nonrefundable portion depending on rental rate.


5.  Do I have 24 hour access to the building?

As a tenant, you will of course have 24 hour access. The Security and White buildings are opened each morning as early as 8 am. to the public. They are closed at night as early as 7:30 pm after our staff does a thorough Security check and completes their evening cleaning tasks.


6.  What are my parking options?

It ranges from metered street spaces from 2 to 9 hours or monthly leased lots from the City of Olympia or other providers.  The Intercity Transit station is one block away and is always a great option. Riding bikes is also encouraged and there are bike racks in close proximity to the buildings.